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KINS Broadcast Schedule


Show TimeShowShow TypeLive or Recorded
12a – 2aRed Eye RadioPolitical TalkLive
2a – 3aThis Morning With Gordon DealNews/BusinessLive
3a – 6aThe Hugh Hewitt ShowPolitical TalkLive
6a – 8aNews and InformationLocal News & InfoLive
8aTalk ShopLocal News-TalkLive
9a – 12pMarkley, Van Camp & RobbinsPolitical TalkLive
12p – 3pFox Across AmericaPolitical TalkRecorded
3p – 5pThe Mark Levin ShowPolitical TalkLive 3p – 5p
5pNews and InformationLocal News & InfoLive
6p – 7pThe Mark Levin ShowPolitical TalkRecorded
7p – 10pThe Lars Larson ShowPolitical TalkRecorded
10p - 12aRed Eye RadioPolitical TalkLive


Show TimeShowShow TypeLive or Recorded
12a-4aRed Eye RadioGeneral TalkRecorded
4a-6aUnder the HoodAutomotive TalkRecorded
6a-8aKinder OutdoorsHunting and FishingRecorded
8a-12pThe Shopping ShowShopping ShowLive
12n-3pThe Brian Kilmeade ShowPolitical TalkRecorded
3p-6pKim KomandoTechnology TalkRecorded
6p-9pLars Larson WeekendsGeneral TalkRecorded
9p-12aWhen Radio WasClassic Old-time RadioRecorded


Show TimeShowShow TypeLive or Recorded
12a - 2aHollywood 360Radio SerialsRecorded
2a-5aRed Eye RadioGeneral TalkRecorded
5a-7aThe Car DoctorMechanicsRecorded
7a-8aTownhall Week In ReviewNewsRecorded
8a - 9aThis Weekend with Gordon DealNews/BusinessRecorded
9a - 12nThe Best of Markley, van Camp & RobbinsPolitical TalkRecorded
12n - 3pBest of Fox Across AmericaNews/TalkRecorded
3p-5pRM World TravelTravel TalkRecorded
5p - 7pGun TalkFirearms, shooting & gun rightsRecorded
7p - 10pThe Bill Cunningham ShowPolitical TalkLive
10p - 12aWhen Radio WasClassic Old-time RadioRecorded