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About Eureka Radio

We are a well-respected media group, local family owned and operated through three generations. Everyone involved here has found a home with a career they love. Radio offers the reach to help grow local businesses, which helps our community. Eureka Radio serves Humboldt, Northern and Coastal Mendocino, Trinity and Del Norte Counties in California. We contribute to our community extensively through local public affairs programming and fund raising.

Employees receive benefits, required travel expenses, support, and investment in tools needed to learn and succeed in the job. Enjoy working in a family-owned business where all are treated as such. We even have a station cat to visit you in the office! We offer opportunity to grow in your career and to earn an above-average income.  Our team members all get along, and enjoy company-wide activities including holiday parties, working lunches and barbeques.

Meet our employees!


“This is the best place! I love lying around, napping, and being adored. And I have so many friends here: birds, lizards, snakes, and bugs. Oh, yeah: and those wonderful humans, who pet me and give me treats. PS I also enjoy chasing bubbles across the lawn!”


“This is my idea of customer service! Seriously, though, it’s great to work in an uncommon industry. I have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities, so I am always kept interested and challenged. Just don’t let anyone know that KPUR is my favorite co-worker.”


“I feel very lucky to have a job here. The owners obviously care for their employees, and all of my coworkers are wonderful to work with. They all create a community that is fantastic to be a part of.”


“Okay, so don’t tell the boss. But I really love my job here. I love what I do and the freedom it gives me, I love the amazing people I work with, and I love seeing my clients be successful in what they do. I wouldn’t trade it for a job anywhere else!”


“I love having the ability to meet new people, discuss business and help them grow their businesses through strategizing their marketing. I like the freedom of movement – I am in charge of my own time and am not required to sit at a desk inside an office all day. It is very entrepreneurial, so it is my job to make sure I succeed every day, there is no micro-management.”


“I really appreciate and enjoy the solid training in not only the mechanics of my role at the station, but a philosophy to work and live by. Regular meetings checking in with one another and learning new tools that make a difference really give me the opportunity to succeed. Great local family business to work for.”


“This company is unique because it is the only locally owned and managed radio station group in town. The owners are here every day and care about their people. They have created a family feeling for all and a culture that is business like, but fun.”


“I never thought I would have a job in radio but it has been such a wonderful experience all the way around! The work is interesting and engaging and it is so refreshing to work with people who actually care about there employees”


“This station is a historical part of Eureka and I am glad to leave my stamp on the community. Whether it is tinkering with the computers or playing with KPUR, working here is always a blast! I love working here because everybody is an important piece to keep the station going and we all support each other. Also doesn’t hurt I get to listen to music all day!”


“You are always learning something new here; whether it’s behind the control board in the morning, working in the office, heading out into the community or coming in for the weekend Shopping Show, there’s never a dull moment here at the radio station!”


“I enjoy getting to interact with the community. Whether it’s Shopping Show callers, clients recording radio ads, or even the Community Commenters, the radio stations are entrenched in Humboldt and we genuinely care about what happens on the North Coast/the people that live here.”


“As the owners, we enjoy fostering a comfortable work environment for professional and nice people to excel in. Maximizing the skills and talents of the folks working with us is a consistent effort and part of what makes our company unique and fun.”


“We are a family oriented company. If you have to spend 8 hours a day here, we’re going to make it the best 8 hours for all involved.”

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